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Translation Ready

Although our assessments were developed in English, they are being utilized by churches in 36 countries, made possible by Google Translate for the Chrome internet browser.

Cross-Device Compatible

Our NextSteps spiritual formation assessment and our mobilization assessments (i.e. ePersonality, Leadership Style, and GraceGifts) are best utilized on tablets, laptops, and desktops for PC and Apple. All major browsers supported.

Biblically Sound

Our assessments were developed by Evangelical ministry professionals with many years of experience pastoring churches and counseling individuals. Our assessments were designed specifically for pastors, staff, and laity within the local church.

Equipping the Church to Mobilize People Into Ministry!

E-Church Essentials, LLC is a professional equipping and assessment parachurch ministry. We have served churches since 2002, and now support church ministry efforts in 36 countries.

Our Kingdom Mission: To empower church leaders to intentionally nurture the spiritual formation development of their members, and to mobilize their congregation into effective ministry service roles within the local church, the greater community, and throughout the world. This mission is accomplished through online assessment tools designed exclusively for Christ's Church, as well as various book, articles, and blogs written by our founder, David A Posthuma.

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E-Church Essentials FAQs

What Assessments Does E-Church Essentials, LLC Offer Via AssessME.org?

AssessME.org offers two categories of ministry-support assessments: our 1) Next Steps Spiritual Formation Assessment and our 2) Ministry Mobilization Assessment portfolio. The NextSteps Spiritual Formation assessment program is a brand new offering by AssessME.org, scheduled for release in Q2 of 2016. NextSteps will empower your church leadership to intentionally assess, track, and equip every church member's spiritual formation (i.e. discipleship). The Ministry Mobilization portfolio includes the ePersonality assessment to identify Ministry Temperament, the Leadership Style assessment to help leaders design effective ministry teams, and the GraceGifts Spiritual Gifts survey that sorts the individual's gift results through personality distinctives. Our Ministry Mobilization program also offers a dynamic Skills Tacking system that learns and helps manage all the practical skills available from the people within a ministry. Each assessment category, Spiritual Formation and Ministry Mobilization, may be used independently of each other, or may be fully integrated together.

What is the NextSteps Spiritual Formation Assessment?

Our NextSteps Spiritual Formation assessment is designed to be taken every 6-18 months as part of an overall spiritual development program. All NextSteps Spiritual Formation assessments and equipping program materials are fully customizable. We have learned through twelve years of beta testing that very few churches agree when it comes to the process and language of their Disciple-making strategy. This is why AssessME.org permits your leadership to edit both the question pools and the reports to better fit your church. In addition, NextSteps makes it easy to setup Strategy Pages for each of nine developmental stages. These strategy pages promote the classes, resources, small groups, ministry opportunities, etc. that your church identifies as best suited for people in each stage of development.

How are your assessment programs funded?

Local churches like yours register a Ministry Account with AssessME.org. The assessments offered in our Ministry Mobilization program examine differing aspects of each person's personality, which do not change much over time. For this reason, church leadership pre-purchase online "Assessment Packs". Each Assessment Pack consists of the ePersonality Assessment, the Leadership Style Assessment, the GraceGifts assessment, and skills tracking for one person. Assessment packs are available as a one-time purchase. The more assessment packs your church purchases, the more inexpensive the packs cost per person. It is our goal to make our assessments so affordable that any church, regardless of size, could afford to assess every adult person for ministry fit.

The NextSteps Spiritual Formation program is somewhat different in that this assessment should be retaken by your church members many times as they develop spiritually. Unlike personality, which does not change, Spiritual Formation is a VERY dynamic process. Having our developmental profiles for every member of your church, as well as the insight our program offers your leadership about your success at graduating people from one formation stage to the next, will radically improve your disciple-making methodology. This assessment and equipping program requires a monthly membership with fees based upon how many people have registered with your ministry account.

What is your theological perspective?

Every member of our team is a Protestant Evangelical with Reformed Theological roots. However, we recognize that Reformational theology does not represent the entire spectrum of Evangelicalism, and so we have worked hard to test and refine our assessment questions and reports so that they will be fully embraced by the vast majority of Christian Churches across the world. AssessME.org now supports churches in 36 countries.

Our three founding members are all graduates of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. In addition, our founder David A Posthuma, also graduated with an Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, ILL. and earned certifications in Christian Clinical Counseling from MacNeal Hospital in Chicago. David also served for many years as a church plant pastor and church consultant. Finally, David has been designing software solutions for the church market since 1998.

Our Pricings

  • Small Church

  • Introductory Offer: 5 Assessment Packs, $25

  • 25 Assessment Packs, $225 ($9/person)

  • 50 Assessment Packs, $400 ($8/person)

  • 75 Assessment Packs, $575 ($7.67/person)

  • NextSteps Program, 6-100 People, $30/month

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  • Medium Church

  • 100 Assessment Packs, $700 ($7/person)

  • 150 Assessment Packs, $875 ($5.50/person)

  • 250 Assessment Packs, $1,200 ($4.80/person)

  • 101-300 People, NextSteps Program, $60/month

  • 301-750 People, NextSteps Program, $100/month

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  • Large Church

  • 500 Assessment Packs, $1,875 ($3.75/person)

  • 750 Assessment Packs, $2,475 ($3.30/person)

  • 751-1,500 People, Next Steps Program, $150/month

  • Unlimited People, Next Steps Program, $200/month

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About Us

Who we are

Servants of Christ. David A. Posthuma founded E-Church Essentials, LLC from a pastoral passion for the Disciple-Making and Disciple-Mobilization process. David worked passionately, in his various church plants and church-revitalization projects, to fullfill the Ephesians 4:11-12 mandate to "Equip people for the works of ministry service". Like many pastors, David had tried to use paper-based assessment tools with his congregation members, but found that managing paper reports on many people was very time-consuming and innefficient. In 1998, this experience led him to begin work on various beta-assessments, with the dream of creating an online Human Resource Assessment and Mobilization system exclusively for churches.

In 2002/2003, David launched the world's first cyber-church community called the E-Church Network. This system's most popular module was the Human Resource Assessment module. In 2005, we released the Human Resource Assessment module as a stand-alone program called AssessME.org. AssessME.org now supports the mobilization efforts of churches in 36 countries!

Our Skills

Human Resource Assessments98%

Volunteer Mobilization 91%

Team-Building Strategies 86%

Strategic Planning 83%

Leadership Development 89%

Company Mission

E-CHURCH ESSENTIALS: OUR MISSION is to empower church leaders to intentionally nurture the spiritual formation development of their members and help leaders to mobilize their congregation into effective ministry service roles within the local church, the greater community, and throughout the world. This mission is accomplished through online assessment tools designed exclusively for Christ's Church, as well as various book, articles, and blogs written by our founder, David A Posthuma.

Our Key Team Members

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