ePersonality Assessment Summary

The ePersonality Assessment is built on a proven four-quadrant assessment construct, so it similar to a Meyers-Briggs or DiSC assessment. However, we differ from these other classic assessment tools in that the ePersonality is designed exclusively to communicate how God designed your people to serve Him and to serve others. The ePersonality is exclusively focused on reporting key information that is necessary for effective ministry mobilization. While the ePersonality assessment may offer helpful insights when applied to other contexts, such as pre-marital counseling, it was never designed for, nor encouraged to be used for, such purposes.

If your church leadership desires to mobilize hundreds or even many thousands of people into effective Kingdom service, then the ePersonality is the perfect solution. The ePersonality is offered as part of a package we call an "Assessment Pack". Every Assessment Pack includes the ePersonality, GraceGifts, Leadership Style assessments, plus skills tracking, for one person. The more Assessment Packs your church pre-purchases, the lower the per-person price...for example: 1,000 Assessment Packs costs only $3.00/person for ALL of the aforementioned assessment tools.

BIG NEWS! In the second quarter of 2016, E-Church Essentials, LLC will launch an additional assessment program called "NextSteps, by AssessME.org". NextSteps will be a game-changer for your church, empowering your church to intentionally assess, track, and equip your people's Spiritual Formation (i.e. Discipleship). NextSteps may be used as a stand alone program, or be fully integrated into our long-established ministry mobilization program.