GraceGifts Assessment Summary

The GraceGifts assessment by E-Church Essentials, LLC and is a classic spiritual gift assessment tool. However, the GraceGifts assessment has a few features not commonly found among other such surveys. First, the default form of the assessment focuses upon what we call the "practical" gifts. Practical gifts are areas of giftedness that are personality dependant. In other words, how a practical gift is used or applied depends upon the personality of the individual using the gift. For example: An individual with a relational temperament would prefer to use his or her gift of teaching in a small group or through one-on-one mentorship; whereas an individual with a task-driven temperament would prefer to use his or her gift of teaching in a classroom or from the pulpit because for them, the content being taught is highly valued. GraceGifts calls these personality nuances "Gift Expressions". So, your church staff can search your church database broadly for "teachers", or more precisely for "small group leader" or "classroom instructor".

An additional category of giftedness is known as "Revelatory Gifts". Revelatory gifts are NOT personality dependant. These are gifts that the Holy Spirit may enable an individual to perform on a limited basis. So for example, the Holy Spirit may lead an individual to pray over a sick person for their healing, and the sick person is healed. This gift of healing was "revealed" in that moment through the praying individual. He or she may or may not ever be able to repeat that gift. So in this regard, Revelatory gifts are not "possessed" by the user, they are revealed through the user by the Holy Spirit. The Revelatory giftset within GraceGifts is an option that your church can activate, at no additional cost, within your account.

BIG NEWS! In the second quarter of 2016, E-Church Essentials, LLC will launch an additional assessment program called "NextSteps, by". NextSteps will be a game-changer for your church, empowering your church to intentionally assess, track, and equip your people's Spiritual Formation (i.e. Discipleship). NextSteps may be used as a stand alone program, or be fully integrated into our long-established ministry mobilization program.