Skills Tracking Summary

The Skills Tracking program by E-Church Essentials, LLC and incorporated within the ministry mobilization system, is not an assessment. Rather, it is a self-learning and self-managing system that gathers all the skills represented by your church's membership. This system works best when the database is allowed to grow organically, from among your people, rather than having church leadership pre-define skill categories the staff may be looking for.

If your church leadership desires to mobilize hundreds or even many thousands of people into effective Kingdom service, then you need to track all the practical skills God has given your church. With each skill category selected or defined, individuals can enter comments and/or a micro-resume' pertaining to their experience, training, etc. These micro-resumes are viewable within each person's candidate profile.

BIG NEWS! In the second quarter of 2016, E-Church Essentials, LLC will launch an additional assessment program called "NextSteps, by". NextSteps will be a game-changer for your church, empowering your church to intentionally assess, track, and equip your people's Spiritual Formation (i.e. Discipleship). NextSteps may be used as a stand alone program, or be fully integrated into our long-established ministry mobilization program.